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Power electronics

Our expertise lets
you achieve your objectives faster

Power electronic components
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space optimized and
weight reduced

Automotive components

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Industrial technology

As reliable,
as economically

parts for tool techlogies
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Consumer products

Highest design and process

Components for consumer products

Collective strength in the fields of tool making, injection molding, metal stamping and surface refinement.

You will find one of our components in almost every area of daily life. We create new perspectives by complementing our strengths.

We are a Group of five undertakings with more than 600 employees at different locations in Upper Franconia, Thuringia, Saxony and Austria. Located in the heart of Europe, we have formed and developed components and assemblies for various industries and applications worldwide for more than 100 years. We place an emphasis on a healthy growth and help young people launch their careers. We create perspectives for new technologies, efficient products and employees who want to achieve more as a team in a solid group of companies.

Our range of products and services

  • Development and prototype construction
  • Tool and die making
  • Plastics processing
  • Metal processing
  • Printing pads
  • Surface refinement and assembly