A strong group of companies allows for more capacity, flexibility and efficiency.

We are focused on our core competencies and specifically use our expertise to your advantage.

We can expand and augment our materials processing and surface treatment knowledge and strengths in a smoothly operating group of companies. Each undertaking acts as a back-up for support to the other respective undertaking. So it is possible to quickly and flexibly cover order peaks within the group. This is a significant advantage that enables us to remain independent and productive at all times.
Short communication pathways and a regular exchange of experiences create synergies for us and our customers. Specialization where it makes sense, teamwork when everything depends on pulling together to create a mutually beneficial solution.

Stengths of the Rudi Göbel Group


We enhance and develop our strengths as experienced specialists and invest together in new technologies, which is how we keep pace with the latest developments.


Short communication pathways and efficient, streamlined processes make both our company and our projects faster, more flexible and more profitable for you. We offer you a singl epoint of contact instead of many different component suppliers.

A wealth of complementary experience

Our areas of expertise have been in place for a total of over two centuries. We are happy to share our expertise with you and our group members in a targeted, project-oriented manner.

Failure safety

Within the group we are able to react flexibly to order fluctuations or production peaks. Consequently, we can also meet short term orders with ease.

Uniform quality standards

We stand for process reliability and certified quality. Consistent quality thanks to a consistent quality system across all undertakings.